SCARVES, An important fashion accessories.

Published May 21, 2012 by mzcececouture

There are fashion accessories that women these days don’t necessarily identify with ,“The Silk Scarf” . Just last week when I went to Lagos for some event as well as visit my family , I went to the largest market in Nigeria which is located on the Island and has about 6 different markets all adjoined in search of a silk scarf. I went from end to end over 4 hours to no avail . I went back home really depressed as I wasnt sure I would ever find it any time soon since it wasnt in this particular market and my plans to rock this accessory with my Vintage PRADA . It kept me thinking when again this great fashionable and very sleek and important accessory that really defines a WOMAN WITH STYLE / CLASS will be invogue anytime soon especially in Africa where I am from. It’s often worn in vintage outfits as well as with Asian women or Asian Inspired outfits, In addition, most women wear them to the churches/places of worship alone(without knowing how gracious this accessory will look on a casual and informal outfit) ,and of cos generally around the Globe .

I said to myself ,i really have to create sometime, and write about this beautiful not so costly fashion accessory and hope as many women that read it ,will be inspired . Enjoy !

These are samples of what these scarves look like . They are usually in designers patterns, floral patterns,plains prints ,just about every pattern you can think of , But most importantly they come in very soft silks that are wrinkle free and weather friendly. These scarves can be used and worn in numerous number of fashionable ways, ranging from bag accessories to vintage chick dress up’s to turban ways etc.


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